Injecting Glamour

As you can imagine, I have been asked a number of questions when it comes to my Type 1 Diabetes situ recently. Happily, I have been very pleased to report that I will not be keeling over at anytime soon and that it is quite possible that I may even reach over 100 – just as my great-grandfather did.

A lot of people love to learn about celebrities. The psychology and rational behind why we follow and listen to some of the famous is why many are paid large amounts of money to endorse products or champion good causes.

I have found it useful when answering questions about my condition to harness the power of celebrity and indulge in the art of name dropping. Associating myself with famous people has been the quickest and most effective way to show that I am going to live and may even become successful at something! It has even started a sort of game of “name a celeb with Type 1” with the more competitive among you.

What I have also learned to do is tailor my “celebrity name drop” because it is most effective when it resonates with my questioner. Cricket fan? Wasim Akram is the celeb for you. American Football? Jay Cutler, Chicago Bears. British politics? That’ll be Teresa May. Filipino pop? Gary Valenciano. Olympic rowers? Steve Redgrave is the man. If none of those work how about Halle Berry? Bond Girl and a Catwoman. To my peer group, Nick Jonas is the G.O.A.T.* (Greatest Of All Time) for Type 1 name dropping. We love you Nick!

Hopefully you will now be able to associate some famous faces with T1D or T1D with some famous faces.

Hopefully you will now be able to associate Antonia with some famous faces and living to 100!

Glucose upon publishing: 8.9 mmol/L

Some faces for you: (scroll down)

Nick Jonas
Pop star
Teen idol
Halle Berry
Bond Girl
Wasim Akram
Pakistani cricket legend
Theresa May
Former Prime minister of the UK
Jay Cutler
Former Chicago Bears NFL player

4 thoughts on “Injecting Glamour

  1. I adore your cheery spirit! Keep it up and keep baking- I can help you down a few!!!

    Auntie Connie

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