I Can See Clearly Now

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Four months ago…

Seeing clearly is wonderful.  Something incredible happened the morning I rose from my hospital bed and gently yet forcefully pushed my drip and I towards the bathroom (the drip’s hanger had surprisingly stiff wheels and as a first time drip user I was very cautious about lugging the thing around).

Arriving at my window, I could see the mountain in the distance. I could see the houses. I could see the cars in the parking lot. I rubbed my eyes.  My glasses were not there. They were not on my face and yet I could see clearly!

Now that my high blood sugar was tamed and I was re-hydrated, I could see clearly. It was unbelievable. Who knew that type one diabetes had up sides?  I sure didn’t.

A week later at college, I sat at the very back of my lecture hall. It felt amazing. So amazing in fact that I went out and purchased myself a rocking pair of sunglasses that I would now wear both indoors and outdoors. 20/20 vision was something to be celebrated. Until, one day, it all stopped…

My short-sightedness had returned as quickly as it had gone.   My days of no glasses and wearing sunglasses indoors were over.  Billboard signs that I had the joy of reading tiny tiny phone numbers off of could now only be made out with glasses on.

High glucose causes increased pressure in your eyes drawing more liquid into your eyes and changing the shape of the lens.  When I started treating my type one with insulin the lens changed shape and momentarily gave me 20/20 vision.

I am not complaining as perfect eye sight was great whilst it lasted. However, I have these perfectly good premium sunglasses that need a new owner. Would anybody like a pair?

Glucose upon publishing: 4.3mmol/L

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