Diabetic Shark Cage Diver

There is a show I’ve come across on Netflix very appropriately named Sugar Rush but perhaps not for the reason you might first think.

It is a baking competition where pairs of cupcake warriors have to scrap it out through a series of  baking head to heads striving to survive a knockout competition.

Not only will they win cash but being d-éclair-ed the winner is a big deal as the judges are mega stars of the baking world i.e. Adriano Zumbo, an Australian patissier appearing on every season of MasterChef and Candace Nelson, nicknamed the “Cupcake Queen” of the US.

I have found myself binge watching the Christmas themed episodes lately.  The delicate and creative process of cupcake making blended with festive music and yuletide themes is very appetizing to me and I devour every moment (with my eyes).

As Type 1 Diabetic, a cupcake is a black-hole of carbohydrates, unfathomable and hard to quantify.  Even when I make them myself, the carbohydrates within a cupcake and the balancing insulin shot is a complete stab in the dark!  It’s like nature’s special warning to me, “I look beautiful but you better not eat me Antonia”.  

Yet, I can’t seem to stop watching Sugar Rush.  Mum asks me why I do it to myself seeing as every single cup-cake would send my blood sugar level rushing through the stratosphere and could make me sick.

Maybe you can say I’m really brave.  I guess I’m like a chicken obsessively watching a programme on foxes – something that can kill me.  I can’t resist watching the creation of festive cupcakes so you could call me an adrenalin junkie who seeks out danger like a shark cage diver or free-fall parachutist. 

I can’t wait to have my next……rush.

Glucose upon publishing: 8.5 mmol/L

One thought on “Diabetic Shark Cage Diver

  1. An enjoyable read Antonia.

    I’m not sure watching something like ‘Bake Off’, is my thing (a viewing experience I can sort of relate to). The festive season for me is one of yes and no. I love the treat food and it’s easy to fall into the trap of saying yes to everything as it is presented. When in reality, I need an armful of no’s.

    I would find not having an option an interesting position. For me, when all is black and white, everything is clear and definite. When it’s grey…one must rely on good judgement.

    Good luck with your journey.


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