Type 1 Die-abetic another day

To all my eagle-eyed readers out there, you may have spotted a change to the “Celebrities” page on my blog. Now I know what you are thinking but no, unfortunately I have not shot to stardom and turned into a diabetic sensation overnight through the success of my blog and have hence added myself to this page. In due course this might be the case but the sudden the change to the “Celebrities” page is a consequence of superstar Halle Berry being removed!

Firstly, I will provide a little background before I delve into why Halle Berry no longer makes the cut on Insulearning with Antonia’s list…

Halle Berry is most well known for her role as Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson alongside Pierce Brosnan, or James Bond, in the 007 film Die Another Day. She also played Catwoman in the 2004 American superhero flick. I think she is a cool actress and I like watching her work.

According to Diabetes.co.uk, during the taping of the television show “Living Dolls” in 1989 she lapsed into a diabetic coma. She was later diagnosed with Diabetes mellitus or Type 1 Diabetes. She was flung into the limelight as a poster girl for Type 1 and became the centre of attention of the diabetic community. When the actress started to be very public about her experience in 2007 she stated that her adoption of a healthy keto (low-carb) diet miraculously cured her of her Type 1 and allowed her to wean herself off of insulin. Wait a second….?!

The medical community speculated that the actress either did not know what Type of diabetes she had or was misdiagnosed a Type 1 Diabetic when really she was Type 2. This is because, at present, there is no cure for Type 1 Diabetes and it most certainly cannot be reversed by a change in eating pattern unlike Type 2 Diabetes. No matter how many low carb chocolate bars I choose to eat or low carb foods (like leafy greens) I munch on the daily, my Type 1 is not going anywhere whether I like it or not. Her confusion sparked campaigns to push for renaming the types of Diabetes entirely.

I personally am an advocate of a name change as I have previously mentioned in an earlier blog post of mine titled “Diabetey McDiabeteyface” which was rather unhelpfully the suggestion of an alternative name provided to me by my dad. This suggestion, I learnt, was based off of when the British government agency let the internet decide a name for a $278 million polar research ship. As you may have gathered, the wining name was “Boaty McBoatface”!

Halle Berry has created what is widely known as the “Halle Berry Diabetes Confusion Ruckus.” I thought it was only appropriate to take her off of the list after much controversy in her statements over the years. Halle Berry Type 1 Dieabtic another day?

Glucose upon publishing: 7.2mmol/L

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