Quarantine I Spy

Kia Ora.  Done with my full two weeks of quarantine so I can officially say that I’m a seasoned quarantinee. I have some tips on completing a 14 day isolation in NZ, some of which are related to diabetic survival and some of which fall into the bracket of general survival.  Two weeks can feel […]


Not going to lie, I was a little anxious to hop on board a plane as this was going to be my first time flying with Type 1 Diabetes but a few travelling jitters weren’t going to stop me.  I rejected the idea of being left behind in Malaysia with the dogs. Don’t get me […]

Diabetic Shark Cage Diver

There is a show I’ve come across on Netflix very appropriately named Sugar Rush but perhaps not for the reason you might first think. It is a baking competition where pairs of cupcake warriors have to scrap it out through a series of  baking head to heads striving to survive a knockout competition. Not only […]

I need SOAP

“Remember, candidates sitting for the examination are to conform with the outlined Standard Operating Procedures.  In particular, candidates are not permitted to bring in any items that are not required for answering the question paper.” I have an issue with these SOPs. No matter how much I’d like to be a conforming candidate I simply […]

Karbohidrat Mengira

Any Type One Diabetic is automatically inducted into the carbohydrate (carb) counting club. A wizarding world of numbers and mental arithmetic that involves a good gut feel for ratios.  A good set of measuring scales really helps too. We carb count because the digestive system, with the assistance of insulin, breaks carbs down into glucose […]

Argy-Bargy Onion Bhaji

At the weekend we sat down for a dinner at our favourite Indian restaurant called Sri Ananda Bahwan, an institution in our area. As a diabetic, it is quite difficult to navigate such an exotic menu. I have to be conscious of the carbohydrates I am eating. Picking dishes that have fewer carbs will make […]

Snail versus Schwarznegger

“I’ve sent you an email,” said my younger brother. He smiled. I wrongly assumed that it would be a video of him firing a tennis ball past me from our latest on court battle (which I always win) or details of some trending dance fad.  To my surprise I found an article attached titled “Snails […]