I need SOAP

“Remember, candidates sitting for the examination are to conform with the outlined Standard Operating Procedures.  In particular, candidates are not permitted to bring in any items that are not required for answering the question paper.” I have an issue with these SOPs. No matter how much I’d like to be a conforming candidate I simply […]

Karbohidrat Mengira

Any Type One Diabetic is automatically inducted into the carbohydrate (carb) counting club. A wizarding world of numbers and mental arithmetic that involves a good gut feel for ratios.  A good set of measuring scales really helps too. We carb count because the digestive system, with the assistance of insulin, breaks carbs down into glucose […]

Argy-Bargy Onion Bhaji

At the weekend we sat down for a dinner at our favourite Indian restaurant called Sri Ananda Bahwan, an institution in our area. As a diabetic, it is quite difficult to navigate such an exotic menu. I have to be conscious of the carbohydrates I am eating. Picking dishes that have fewer carbs will make […]

Snail versus Schwarznegger

“I’ve sent you an email,” said my younger brother. He smiled. I wrongly assumed that it would be a video of him firing a tennis ball past me from our latest on court battle (which I always win) or details of some trending dance fad.  To my surprise I found an article attached titled “Snails […]


In February 2020, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and about a week later I went on my first post diagnosis outing to witness the spectacle of Thaipusam.  To those of you not familiar with the festival the irony might become apparent by the end of this post. Like most T1Ds (Type 1 Diabetics) […]

Sugar Doggy

COVID 19 – I hope that you and your families are staying safe during the coronavirus. Please take care. Let’s get into some technical stuff. Our bodies need a certain level of glucose to function properly, and dropping lower than that level can be dangerous.  Hypoglycaemia, or hypo, is the medical term for low blood […]

Not so clear!

Hi everyone, just to clarify my last post referred to my original and initial hospital visit back in February. My new and redundant sunglasses had been staring back at me for weeks and prompted me to write about my eyesight experience. Just a quick clarification as it may have sounded like I have been back […]

I Can See Clearly Now

COVID 19 – I hope that you and your families are staying safe during the coronavirus. Please take care. Four months ago… Seeing clearly is wonderful.  Something incredible happened the morning I rose from my hospital bed and gently yet forcefully pushed my drip and I towards the bathroom (the drip’s hanger had surprisingly stiff […]