Nightmare on Sugar Street

COVID 19 – I hope that you and your families are staying safe during the coronavirus. Please take care. Nocturnal hypoglycemia refers to low blood sugar at night time. Although potentially dangerous, if somebody wakes you up it can be fixed with three teaspoons of sugar down the hatch to get levels back to normal. […]

Dear Dr Banting

Dear Dr Banting,                                                                    You do not know me but I know a lot about you. The invention of the internet by another genius called Tim Berners-Lee gives me the ability to learn about you on a small electrical device about the size of a hip flask. We call it a smart phone. I am […]

Injecting Glamour

As you can imagine, I have been asked a number of questions when it comes to my Type 1 Diabetes situ recently. Happily, I have been very pleased to report that I will not be keeling over at anytime soon and that it is quite possible that I may even reach over 100 – just […]

Apple Cinnamon Cookies

After completing a tiring day at college I decided to relax in the way that I usually find most rewarding – baking. I absolutely adore chocolate cake but today was feeling more like cookie day. Perhaps more like an apple cinnamon cookie day! Off I went. Whisking and mixing and beating. Before I knew it, I had at least three dozen golden cookies emitting the most aromatic fusion of apple and cinnamon swirl. Yum. I will admit that I taste tested a few to make sure they were not poisonous (“wink wink”). As I went to eat my fourth, or maybe it was my eighth, my father stopped me.  “Come here Antonia, we have to have a talk” he said. I thus diverted from my original plan to taste test one more – to make sure for definite that the cookies could be safely consumed by fellow members of the household – and joined my father in the study room. It was from that very moment onwards that my life would change forever.

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