A few words from Mum & Dad

As a family we had not fully decided on a social media “policy”. It now feels like we were waiting for an event or something to happen that would make it clear that one of us should join in with just about everyone else on the planet.

A few hours after Antonia’s diagnosis she had a eureka moment. Type 1 diabetes diagnosis was the excuse for her to start blogging and showing off her writing skills. Then, as she planned her blog, it struck her suddenly that she needed to dedicate herself to the field.

Unforeseen, Antonia’s diagnosis has been a tremendous catalyst. She now has clarity about her career and purpose. She now has a direction and path upon which she can develop her interests and talents. Blogging to share her experiences is her first bold positive step towards her future.

As parents we have seen the sparkle in her eyes as she has spoken about her future. We can’t quite believe that in a matter of days she has grown from our little girl into a confident “glucose gladiator” genuinely excited about what’s next.

We hope you will agree that you don’t need to be diabetic to enjoy her blog and consider assisting her and encourage others to subscribe. The more that understand and show an interest the more she will thrive.

Thank you.

M & D