You Too Miss Bakeaboo!

It was your classic Dunner Stunner (local lingo for a beautiful day in Dunedin, NZ) where I was revising material from the comfort of my college room, engrossed in the wonders of the human body system and sipping on a hot chocolate (sugar-free diabetic friendly alternative of course) when I heard a ping. I had been sent a photograph on the “elite” WhatsApp group chat channel on my phone. To clarify, the “elite” group chat is inclusive of my family minus my three brothers. This is just a lengthier and nicer way of saying it is a communication channel made up of only dad, mum and I.  I think the group was created by my Dad who added me…. Although my brother’s will claim I in fact created it…

My twin younger brothers’ birthday was approaching and I guessed that the ping would be a picture of their cake which is usually smuggled into the house a day or two before the big day.  I guess the picture was only sent via the “elite” group chat as it was highly confidential, special info which could only be entrusted to the hands of the superiors of the Martin clan. To my surprise the cake in the photo did not look at all like a cake; it was an exquisitely sculpted super-sized burger and French fries. As an avid baker myself I really appreciated the construction of the cake and began to query mum about it over a FaceTime.

The masterpiece had been baked in the quaint seaside town of Orewa which is popular beach spot with Aucklanders. The shop it came from was called Bakeaboo. Bakeaboo is known for their gelato however the owner Elina is a specialist cake crafting maestro originally from Indonesia. If you’re ever to walk past you’d notice the very realistic Gollum (mythical creature from Lord of the Rings) crouching in the window (which is made entirely of cake). When I see cake I often utter the words “my precious”.

After some investigation I discovered a parallel between Elina and I. She is also a type 1 diabetic who also likes to bake but is much more talented than I.

Elina is obviously very skilled and exercises enormous self-control seeing that her job surrounds her with sweet goodies that can send her blood sugar sky-rocketing.  Trust me, I know.

My brother’s loved the cake.  What could be better, they said, than a cake that looks like a giant hamburger?  Next year I suppose it will be a cake that tastes of a hamburger?

Blood glucose upon publishing: 8.8 mmol/L

12 thoughts on “You Too Miss Bakeaboo!

  1. Dear Antonia,
    Yet again a pleasure reading you.
    Never had an hamburger cake but learned you went back south to Dunedin, former NZ industrial town which turned out to be one of the country’s most active student campus. I remember driving through the octogon😂

  2. Hi! Thank you so much for writing such a beautiful blog about Bakeaboo! Being a cake maker/artist who is also diabetic hasn’t been easy, but one must followed her dream! This means alot to me so thank you again! This kinda of response from my customer is what made it worth it 💕

  3. Dear Antonia,
    Believe you are doing well. Can’t imagine someone could do such amazing art. The idea from your Mum is fantastic.
    Happy belated birthday to August and Sterling. Hope to see you all again soon. Rake care.

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