I’ve Met Someone Else

When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes back in early ’20, I was briefly introduced to the insulin pen (insulin injection device) from the comfort of my hospital bed and I knew from that moment on that we were going to spend a lot of time together. Or at least so I thought… Turns […]

You Too Miss Bakeaboo!

It was your classic Dunner Stunner (local lingo for a beautiful day in Dunedin, NZ) where I was revising material from the comfort of my college room, engrossed in the wonders of the human body system and sipping on a hot chocolate (sugar-free diabetic friendly alternative of course) when I heard a ping. I had […]

Type 1 Die-abetic another day

To all my eagle-eyed readers out there, you may have spotted a change to the “Celebrities” page on my blog. Now I know what you are thinking but no, unfortunately I have not shot to stardom and turned into a diabetic sensation overnight through the success of my blog and have hence added myself to […]

Has anyone seen my lunch?

So a person with diabetes walks into a sugar factory…… You might think that this is the start of bad joke however this is not a joke but a recent experience of mine.  During the holidays, following the completion of my first semester at University, my family brought me on the Chelsea sugar factory tour […]

The art of self-injecting insulin

The art of injection taking is something I pride myself in as I would now consider myself quite the experienced self-injector. I don’t really brag to many about this form of art but thought there was no better place than my blog to share this special skill and provide a few of tips and tricks […]

A Postcard from NZ

Kia Ora, I’m sorry you have not heard from me in while but my first semester at university (Otago, Dunedin) has been rather hard work despite the fun I’ve also been having. If any of my friends at St Margaret’s College (my residential college at university) are reading this, thank so much for being so […]

The Wood Frog

Coming from Malaysia I had attempted to mentally prepare for the weather here in NZ. I thought about refusing to wear a jumper in our local cinema (it does get pretty chilly when you’re inside) and perhaps thought about tactically positioning myself in front of the air conditioning in my school classes (these were military […]

Quarantine I Spy

Kia Ora.  Done with my full two weeks of quarantine so I can officially say that I’m a seasoned quarantinee. I have some tips on completing a 14 day isolation in NZ, some of which are related to diabetic survival and some of which fall into the bracket of general survival.  Two weeks can feel […]


Not going to lie, I was a little anxious to hop on board a plane as this was going to be my first time flying with Type 1 Diabetes but a few travelling jitters weren’t going to stop me.  I rejected the idea of being left behind in Malaysia with the dogs. Don’t get me […]