Easter Bunny self-isolating?

COVID 19 – I hope that you and your families are staying safe during the coronavirus. Please take care.

Happy Easter everybody! I hope you all have a wonderful day and perhaps some of you might even celebrate in the way that I usually (at least used to) do on Easter Sunday – by indulging in a chocolate Easter egg or ten.

It may have become apparent to a few of you from my posts that I really do like chocolate. In fact, one of my favourite T-shirts has “chocolate doesn’t ask, chocolate understands” emblazoned on it.  I haven’t had the heart to wear it since my diagnosis 72 days ago but it is now time to get back in the saddle and bring it back into my life once again.

I think that it is only right, that on Easter, I pay homage to chocolate by dedicating this very post to it. Now, throwing Type 1 Diabetes into the mix does change things up a little bit this year. Prior tradition goes a bit skew-whiff but I will not settle for no chocolate.

Type 1 Diabetes means controlling blood sugar; chocolate can cause blood sugar to rise. Abstaining from it or limiting the amount is preferable to keep blood sugar at a nice and stable level. It is best to avoid it for someone like me but that does not mean it is totally off limits.

NEWS FLASH!  There is such thing as diabetic chocolate but it is not a viable option for a chocoholic like me. 

Although its name may sound more appropriate for a Type 1 Diabetic, it can contains just as much fat and calories as a normal bar and may actually increase blood sugar to the same extent.  It costs more too.  Not to mention, it has a nasty effect on the gut – oh dear.

A dark chocolate with 70% cocoa is a much better option as it contains antioxidants that might help the body to use insulin more efficiently. Its richness also means you eat less of it. 

Unfortunately, the Easter Bunny didn’t manage to find a dark chocolate egg this year. He must be self-isolating.

On that note, I am off to go have a cube of dark chocolate.

Glucose upon publishing: 4.7 mmol/L

3 thoughts on “Easter Bunny self-isolating?

  1. Hi Antonia. Thank you for the tip on diabetic chocolate, good to know you can enjoy a small amount of dark chocolate. Happy Easter to you all.

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